New is Old/Old is New:

Six Centuries of Choral Music

The creative process of choral music composition is an interesting amalgamation of inspiration, invention, lyric subject matter, and imitation or transmutation of compositional techniques, forms, and styles from the past.  Abendmusik’s Fall program, New is Old/Old is New: Six Centuries of Choral Music juxtaposes the ground-breaking use of chromaticism and polyphony of the 16th and 17th Centuries (Carlo Gesualdo, Claudio Monteverdi, William Byrd and Henry Purcell) and the novel harmonies and stylings of 19 and 20th century Impressionism (Poulenc and Ravel) with the music of several noted 21st Century choral composers (Karl Jenkins, Erik Esenvalds, Lorenzo Donati and Ola Gjeilo) who have eschewed the tone cluster-dominated compositional style of the 21st century and returned to the more traditional, melodic and polyphonic forms of choral music from centuries ago.  This program provides an eclectic journey through choral music over time that will please all musical tastes and sensibilities.

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